The Hub

In times of radical change academia, startups, VCs and enterprise should cooperate in innovation effort to solve complex problems and create value. Our Digital Innovation Hub creates pipeline for very early stage development of innovative concepts, products and solutions.

Key Principles

Startups, academia, and business experts work together (co-creation)


▸ Focus on very early stage concept & product development


▸ Transparent and lean process with open innovation in the core


▸ Work in real environment – R&D, real data, APIs, platforms, etc.


▸ Experimenting and beta testing to the limits


▸ IP involvement and protection


▸ Follow-up investments on growth stage

Hub Setup

Our setup consist of four building blocks, vital for the hub operations:


A meeting point for discussion, collaboration and hands-on daily work. Currently under preparation.

 Hub Team

A dedicated professionals and enthusiasts, extended with external experts. As open innovation is in the center of our approach, the hub team not only facilitates the process, but also helps with expertise and coordinates distributed teams operation.

Innovation Cloud (coming soon)

The hands-on sandbox for experimenting, prototype building and beta testing. The purpose is to provide project status transparency and distributed team coordination, access to propitiatory assets and cloud resources, access to business and technical knowledge base.

Innovation Process

A critical part for effective operations. It is defined to cover all stages (from problem definition to go-to-market) and involve all stakeholders in a step-by-step guided activities. More on our methodology read here ».

Research & Business Fit

We believe that in order to increase the success rate, the innovation process should be guided from the very early stage. This starts with both business problem definition and academia R&D efforts as trigger points, and ends in tested and ready for market launch products and solutions.

More on our methodology approach read here: