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The concept of our hub is to “connect the dots” in the ecosystem thus trigger the open innovation interaction. To fulfil our promises we constantly look for partnerships with stakeholders in the ecosystem. Our primary focus are startups, academia, enterprise companies and investors.


Startup & Academic Teams:

▸ Focus on real problems and demands (JTBD).

▸ First hand insights on customers, technologies, etc.

▸ Real business experts support & involvement

▸ Startups, academia, education and experts co-creation

▸ Sandbox with real data/APIs

▸ Beta testing in real business environment

▸  Potential first clients

Enterprise Business:

▸ R&D based problem solving and value creation

▸ Very early stage concept/product involvement

▸  Disruptive solutions monitoring

▸  R&D focus and IP involved

▸ Customer co-creation in product/solution development (B2B2C)

▸  Internal teams involvement

▸  Recruitment

Join Us

If you are inspired to innovate, work on your new idea, have the knowledge and skills to build new solutions, manage a company that want to expand or defend market position ….. or just want to discuss the future opportunities with us – don’t hesitate to contact us and joining us by filling in the appropriate form below!


Are you an expert, scientist, businessman, consultant, guy/gal with skills, someone who wants to make a difference and join a fun, innovative environment where everyone is working towards a bigger goal?


Do you have an idea you want to work on or you already have a startup? Maybe you need help, a team and experts to help you build it, grow it, scale it, make it global?


Are you a business looking to change and adapt to the changing world, solve challenges, get more competitive through innovation and create new products for your business or just want to see what is possible?


Are you looking for partners on your journey to change the world, have loads of ideas, want to make a difference, participate in building tomorrow. We are open to partner with likeminded people and organisations – whether you are a branch / ecosystem player, investor, or institution (government or academia) – contact us!