Krasen Hinkov

Krasen Hinkov

Professional highlights

▸ Aircraft engineer with a passion for aerospace industry

▸ Wine lover and wine producer, who is keeping the family tradition alive

▸ Innovation and new business development fanatic

▸ Track record in telecom, gambling and entertainment business

▸ 10+ startups consultant and member

▸ Currently reinventing the music and licensing business

Few extra words

Graduating the mathematics school and further studying in Technical University Sofia, for Krasen Hinkov the career as aircraft engineer was on its way. He joined the university as an assistant professor and for two year he worked on his Ph.D. thesis.


During the turbulent times of the new millennia he was invited to join a small team of tech and business people that at this time was developing the first digital services in the only mobile operator in Bulgaria. Slowly rising through the ranks, Krasen Hinkov ended his 10 year telco journey as Director Adjacent Markets & Innovation.


Krasen started his C-level management  path after invited to join one of the biggest gambling operators in 2012. After two years of da-to-day management of the operator, he moved to Toxity Group as a managing partner. The company has a strong expertise in both the areas of entertainment and technology businesses.


Being fanatic about innovation and business development, Krasen took Martin  the innovation agency Innovation Starter. Latter he joined forces as a partner and consultant with several startup companies building products in the entertainment, sports, HR and technology areas.

Favourite Quote

``They must be plans for learning rather than plans for implementation.``

Clayton M. Christensen