Expert Seminar Series with Alexander Iliev at UC Berkeley

Expert Seminar Series with Alexander Iliev at UC Berkeley

Hello Bulgaria,

I am excited to invite you all to a very special free promo event, which I have been preparing for a while. It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce you to the Expert Seminar Series in AI and Machine Learning that I am hosting and organizing on behalf of UC Berkeley Global.

At UC Berkeley Global we are constantly evolving by following our quest for perfection. We not only match the newest business trends in the world, but we also try to be one step ahead so that we can provide the most valuable information to our friends and followers. The Expert Seminar Series aims to explain some of the hot topics in the field, while giving technology leaders the knowledge they need to navigate through it. It will provide an insight into how to create an effective productization into the technical landscape for AI and ML, whilst discussing ways to operate effectively on a realistic and practical level. The series will also cover the adoption of AI and AI maturity in the industry, along with many of the challenges faced along the way. Furthermore, we will learn how to build Human-Centric Machine Learning solutions and will emphasize on what would happen when data fails us while measuring for biases in various AI and ML applications. 

The application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across the technology field is already part of our daily lives. The growing demand for advanced data processing goes together with the increasing complexity in the need for problem solving that requires the gathering of new knowledge and the development of deeper intelligence into the matter. 

To endorse assurance into the field, technology leaders need to understand how AI can work for them, and the title responsibility they will have in using it. Discovering what the future of this undertaking may be, will ensure that technology is poised for today, whilst keeping the window open for the future. 

So stay tuned for more on this topic as we will share the link for the live event planned for the first 10 days in May.2021.


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