Alex updates on UC Berkeley’s AI series for Engineering

Alex updates on UC Berkeley’s AI series for Engineering

It was a great pleasure to record the discussion with Nashlie Sephus from Amazon last night. She is an Applied Science manager at Amazon’s AI AWS technologies team. We were discussing the details behind the birth and development of one of the greatest Amazon features was truly incredible. She walked me through the process of getting a productization of an idea, driving it through to completion. I am talking about a feature available on Amazon where the client can take a picture of a product and the system can recognize it. It sounds simple right? Well, not so fast.

If you want to know more, you can tune in on May 11th for the live introduction of the entire AI series for Engineering organized by UC Berkeley and lead and moderated by me. We will share the link shortly.

You can further signup for the entire “Modern challenges in ML and AI for Engineering” series that consist of three expert seminar lectures designed with you in mind! I hope to see you there so stay tuned for the exact link and time that I will provide as soon as possible before the event 🙂


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