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connecting the dots

Innovatia Valley is the playground for experimentation, prototyping and game-changing innovation. We connect the dots between ideas, startup, academia and enterprise to enable open innovation interactions.

Vision • Mission Concept

Enhance how we work, live, learn and play by transforming the entire experience, enabling organizations to face modern challenges and identify new activities and opportunities that they can integrate and build on.


The Hub

In times of radical change academia, startups, VCs and enterprise should cooperate in innovation effort to solve complex problems and create value. Our Digital Innovation Hub creates pipeline for very early stage development of innovative concepts, products and solutions.



Our methodology is based on the open innovation guided approach and incorporates elements and tools of enterprise, startup and academia processes for concept, prototype and product development. It forms a fast-track innovation pipeline that focus on intensive cooperation and success rate increase.


Building Blocks

Innovation roadmap matrix, innovation classes, concept days, hackathons, development projects and more. The current list of building blocks (activities) form the meat and bones of our pipeline and give it real life realization as innovation program.

Innovate With Us


Focus on building your great idea!

We will work with you as one team to build a strategy and develop the business side to grow your company bigger than you imagined.


Use your power to solve the biggest commercial and industrial challenges!

Nothing is impossible without knowledge and expertise. Together we will build the bridge between the science and the business.


Every issue has a solution!

Maybe it is not developed yet, but we are here to find out! What we do best is connecting the dots between the challenges and the people with the capabilities to solve them.

Just ideas

Your idea is safe with us – it is yours and will always be!

We will give you space to build a proof-of-concept and decide if you want to make the next steps on the path to become a successful start-up.

Latest Posts

  • We are very excited to see Alex take part in this prestigious event as a facilitator and moderator, talking to some of the most renown experts in artificial Intelligence and machine learning from the Silicone Valley. This is an invitation for everyone who is interested in the topic. The event is free but requires a registration (link provided below). Watch Alexander Iliev invitation to UC......

  • We are thrilled to finally launch Innovatia Valley after so many months of conceptualising and planning. A digital innovation hub, aiming to connect the dots between ideas, startup, academia and enterprise to enable open innovation interactions and to create a playground for experimentation, prototyping and game-changing innovation.  We are celebrating this moment with an event, first in a series called “Concept Days”, where we invited......